Houston Tippmann Open Tournament | Players Edition Film

Houston Tippmann Open hosted at Survival Game of Texas | Film of Houston Tippmann Open.

The Houston Tippmann Open  | 10 Man Tournament
(arms, legs & marker - not a kill shot in this paintball tournament)


1st Place went to 3rd COAST HOOLIGANS

Special Thanks to the Paintball Companies that donated Guns, Goggles, Pod Packs, hats, and accessories for players at the Houston Tippmann Open.

Tippmann Sports              Empire Paintball              Valken Sports               Hammerhead

This 10 man tournament is going to be a fast paced and extreme urban/woodsball tournament. All teams will have different objectives they must complete to receive points for their team. This is an open tournament for all players who wish to play. Register early to get the early bird special rate. Any players that register after March 23rd will have to pay the full rate which is $70.00 for admission.

Registration starts February 15th. You must register at the Paintball Store on 1960 and Perry Rd  Monday through Saturday from 10:00AM - 7:00PM and Sundays from 10:00AM - 4:00PM, or at Survival Game of Texas on Saturday or Sundays from 8:30AM - 5:30PM.

For players who already have a team, or are part of a team, please have the following ready when you register: name, name of team, phone number, e-mail, and how many players on your team. You are allowed up to 12 players on a roster, but only 10 are allowed on the field at a time.

For players who do not have a team, please have the following ready when you register: name, phone number, and e-mail. If you know somebody who you would like to play with please let us know when you register.

Players who are interested in participating in the tournament and would like more information, contact Chris at chris@paintballstoreinc.com. As a reminder, if you do not have 10 players that is okay, we already have teams that are looking for extra players.

Thank you for playing at Survival Game of Texas. If you have any questions please contact us at our park location or store location.


Survival Game of Texas, Inc.
2309 Aldine Meadows
Houston, Texas 77032

Paintball Store, Inc.
9220 Cypress Creek Pkwy. / F.M. 1960
Houston, Texas 77070