Plan A Birthday Party To Remember At Houston Paintball Field

If you are looking for an exciting birthday party option for your child, a paintball party at Survival Game of Texas, a local Houston paintball park, might be a fun and memorable way to honor your child. Available for kids 12 and over, an event at a paintball field provides a great way for kids to spend the day, while providing a venue for sharing lunch, snacks, and cake.

Setting Up A Paintball Party

Survival Game of Texas offers 47 acres of outdoor paintball fields and scenarios. They cater to groups of 20 and up, so in setting up a birthday party venue for your child, you would work out the details when you set up the party. While the admission charges are good for whole day, most people get tired after several hours, so you could still structure the event like a regular birthday party with set hours. The park is open seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM, so you can plan a party at any convenient time

The admission charge that you pay for each participant includes equipment that each player needs, such as:

  • Semi automatic paintball marker, which shoots the paintballs
  • Access to air to operate the marker
  • Facemask
  • Goggles
  • Designated referee
  • Access to all paintball fields.
  • A full day of access to paintball games, which are offered between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Paintballs are extra.

Exciting Scenarios To Peak Player Interest

The park has seven different fields, so you can have your event centered around your child's interest. The choices include:

  • Western town
  • Castle
  • Khe Sanh Hill
  • Normandy
  • Vietnam village
  • Boxcar train
  • Jungle and woods ball

Even if you envision that your child might want to stay in one area, your group has access to all the fields.

Inviting Your Guests To A Houston Paintball Park

When you set up the party at a paintball field, we will provide you with tips to pass along to your guests. Paintball can get messy, so you should tell your guests to dress in casual, comfortable old clothes that they can get dirty. The paintballs are non-toxic and non-staining. Most guests are comfortable in long-sleeved shirts, long pants or shorts, comfortable shoes, and a baseball hat.

Each child will also need to bring a parental waiver with them. While the park, the equipment, and the paintballs are safe, there are risks of tripping and falling as in any sport. Paintball is one of the safest sports there are, with injuries statistically as low as 20 per 100,000. Remaining safe means wearing the mask at all times and following the rules; referees strictly enforce all rules and have the right to remove those who disobey them from the game.

Great Fun, Even For New Players

Whether your child and his or her friends are beginners or have developed some skills, you can set up the ideal party. Survival Game of Texas welcomes new players who often become hooked on this fun way to spend the day.

For information about Survival Game of Texas, visit our website, review the commonly asked FAQs, and then contact us to reserve a time for your party at 281.370.GAME or 281.442.2284.