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Since its development in the 1980s, paintball has built a strong base of followers around the world. What started as a game among friends is now still wildly popular among amateurs of all ages as well as being played on a professional level. It has also proved useful to the military and law enforcement, where the concept of pursuing an opponent and incapacitating them with a harmless paintball is useful for building strategy.

Where Paintball Started

The founders of paintball, Bob Guernsey, Bob Jones, and Charles Gaines, wanted to re-create the fun of outdoor hunting and survival of the fittest while using harmless balls of paint. After Sports Illustrated interviewed Bob Jones, interest in the game took off. It became known as the National Survival Game and enlisted the Nelson Paint Company to become an exclusive distributor of markers or guns and paintball equipment.

The escalation of paintball into a professional sport that is now the third most popular extreme sport in the world is a subject of its own, but why is paintball so appealing? According to the Sporting Goods Association, more than 10,000,000 Americans play the game annually while it is played on all levels in 40 countries throughout the world.

Why Paintball Is So Addictive

Here are six good reasons why paintball is popular and growing.

  1. The game plays on people's competitive nature while incorporating skills such as quick thinking and responding to opposition. Someone completely new to the game might not know all the fine points, but quickly learns that decisive actions lead to success. It adds gadgetry to childhood games such as hide-and-seek and war.
  2. While it is a physical game in the sense that people run, bend, crawl, and engage in other physical maneuvers to get out of sight of their opponent and avoid being "killed" with a harmless paintball, it does not involve physical contact. This makes it one of the safest sports to play, with the risks being the result of crawling on the ground rather than being injured by a 300-pound football player or a speeding baseball.
  3. Anyone can play paintball and become a good player rather quickly. Strategic thinking about how to target an opponent before being pelted with paintballs that could label you as injured or dead can turn someone who is a poor athlete in other sports into a paintball star.
  4. The skills that paintball encourages - namely, finding ways to overcome opposition and become successful - are useful in life as well. Paintball is often an activity used at corporate retreats as an exercise in teambuilding, as a group of individuals learn to work together and pool their skills to vanquish a rival.
  5. In paintball, the realization that failure to outwit your opponent can result in defeat is challenging. The fear of potentially being eliminated is invigorating and propels a person to do whatever is necessary to stay safe.
  6. Paintball is an excellent way to work out aggression through strategy. Someone marked by a paintball is considered "dead" but the only weapon is a harmless pellet of non-staining, non-toxic paint.

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