Survival Game of Texas, Inc. is one of the leading paintball parks in Houston since 1984. During that time we have earned our reputation as one of the premier paintball fields in the Houston area for over 30 years! Survival Games of Texas is one of the original paintball places and continues to expand its Houston paintball fields!


Survival Game of Texas would like to give appreciation to our military by having all active military come play paintball at our park for free admission. If you have your own equipment (paintball marker/paintball mask) you can bring your own paintballs. The free admission does include rental equipment, but those who do rent equipment must use field paint only. Free admission does not include air or ammo. If you have any questions please call us at 281.442.2284.

Feed Your Paintball Addiction At Survival Game Of Texas

Since its development in the 1980s, paintball has built a strong base of followers around the world. What started as a game among friends is now still wildly popular among amateurs of all ages as well as being played on a professional level. It has also proved useful to the military and law enforcement, where the concept of pursuing an opponent and incapacitating them with a harmless paintball is useful for building strategy.

Where Paintball Started

Plan A Birthday Party To Remember At Houston Paintball Field

If you are looking for an exciting birthday party option for your child, a paintball party at Survival Game of Texas, a local Houston paintball park, might be a fun and memorable way to honor your child. Available for kids 12 and over, an event at a paintball field provides a great way for kids to spend the day, while providing a venue for sharing lunch, snacks, and cake.