Paintball has quickly risen to popularity as a competitive gaming sport. Players team up to eliminate other opponents by tagging them with gel dye capsules (called paintballs) that shoot out of paintball guns. Paintball as a sport is known for being high on fun but it can be extreme in that pain levels can also go high. In recent years, paintball places started introducing low impact paintball to give players a less painful and even safer option of game play.


Normal paintballs can really sting if you take hits on your bare skin, on your goggles, or at short distances. It is usual for paintball gun marks to leave welts and bruising on the body, even with chest pads. And not all parents subscribe to the idea of a game that does that. With children going home with all sorts of markings and bruising, complaints and concerns have been raised. That’s one of the reasons why paintball is a regulated sport.


Countries and states differ in the legal age requirement for playing paintball. Some paintball places let youths play at 16. Other paintball parks go slightly older or slightly younger than that. And though adults of all ages can try their hand at it; the game may not be suitable for older ones, especially those with sensitive physical conditions. With low impact paintball for kids, those as young as 10 years old may very well be allowed to play at paintball parks that offer this alternative.


Differences Between Traditional Paintball and Low Impact Paintball
Here are two main differences between traditional paintball and low impact paintball:
Smaller caliber paintballs.

A low impact paintball game uses .50 caliber paintballs while regular paintball games use .68 caliber ones. At about half the weight, the smaller and lighter .50 caliber paintballs travel at a slower rate. The reduction in size and speed makes them sting less. This caliber feature makes low impact paintball a better and more suitable option for kids.


Smaller, lighter paintball guns.

Low impact paintball uses smaller and lighter guns, making them easier for young kids to handle. The air tanks are also lighter since smaller paintballs need lesser air. This feature makes low impact paintball more simple and fun for kids (and for adults with a physical condition) since they don’t get bogged down by the weight which standard paintball markers (or guns) carry.


While we now know that low impact paintball is less painful, more easy, and more fun, we should keep in mind that safety precautions must be kept all the same. It is important to have a complete gear and maintain high-quality materials to ensure a safe game play on the field.


Gear Up for Absolute and Safe Fun
Show up at paintball parks with essential low impact paintball gear:
Good quality paintball mask
Have your own mask to protect your face (especially the eyes) all through the game. Choose goggles that are made for comfort and visibility.


Good quality body shield
Have your own body armor to protect your chest and back from hits. Breathable and flexible armors are comfortable to wear during low impact paintball.