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The Paintball Store Inc. carries the largest selection of paintball gear in Houston, since 1990. At the paintball store, we carry brands such as Tippmann, Dye, Spyder, Ninja, Empire, Planet Eclipse, HK Army, Valken and many more! Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all questions you may have, and provide gun upgrades and paintball marker repair services. Paintball Store also fills kegerator tanks (up to 5lb CO2 bottles)

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We provide a great selection of paintball guns online and a wider selection at our retail location. We carry paintball guns from all leading manufacturers including Empire, Tippmann, Dangerous Power, BT – Battle Tested, Invert, Spyder, and Dye. Browse and select from various styles of paintball guns from scenario paintball and speedball paintball to electronic boards or a mechanical design. We can guarantee you the best price paintball guns online and ensure you have a great experience when ordering your paintball gun.

Scenario Paintball Marker Package Kits – We carry a great selection and range of options in regards to Woodsball Paintball Marker Package Kits. We have specially selected the most durable and highly versatile paintball guns, such as Tippmann and bundled them with the marker accessories you need to get out on the field today. Choose from complete marker, loader/hopper, air tank, goggle packages and more.

We carry a great selection of paintball upgrades for most brands of paintball gun. To get you paintball gun above the rest, we offer a wide range of optional upgrades you need in order to get your gun shooting up to its full potential! From Tech-T after-market bolts and springs to Tippmann response triggers and electronic boards, we have you covered. If you purchase at our local Houston store location, we typically install most upgrades the very day you purchase; please feel free to bring your marker into our store location and have your gun upgrades installed at our tech center with a certified air tech.

Paintball Store, Inc. carries a wide selection of paintball goggles for both speedball and woodsball play. Paintball masks or paintball goggles are important for any player who wants to stay safe on the field. Our paintball mask section also has great aftermarket lenses and other accessories so you can customize your mask. Our recommendation is to invest in a good quality paintball mask that you plan on having for many years to come, after all – a clear view of vision is half the battle. Choose from a vast selection of paintball goggle colors and camouflage patterns. We carry goggle brands such as: Dye, Empire, Valken, Tippmann, JT and many more. Many of the most popular paintball mask are Dye i4, Sly Profit, HK Army, Empire E-Vent and E-Flex as well as some oldies by JT that are making a comeback!

Paintball loaders and hoppers are a critical piece of your paintball gear. They are the limiting factor on your gun that will control how many paintballs per second you can shoot. Simply put, your paintball marker is only as fast and good as the electronic paintball loader will feed. At Paintball Store, Inc. we have a great paintball hopper selection ranging from gravity feed to electronic paintball loaders that feed 55 plus balls per second. We carry such brands as Empire Halo Too, Empire Prophecy, Tippmann, Dye Rotor, Vitrue Spire and many more.

Paintball jerseys are typically lined with padding  and venting to keep you cool with a little additional protection. A great paintball jersey has a combination of padding, quality and style for both speedball and woodsball paintball players. At the Paintball Store, we carry such brands as Dye Jerseys, Empire Jerseys, JT, HK Army and a variety of camouflage jersey patterns such as marpat, tiger stripe, woodlands, V-Cam, ACU and more. Paintball jerseys are available in bright colors and camo colors. The bright colored jerseys are normaly worn for speedball type play. The camouflage jerseys are usually worn in woodsball games.

The most important of the paintball clothing would be your paintball pants. A good pair of paintball pants will have tons of knee protection as well as give you protection from paintball impacts. The paintball pants we offer are very durable and are long lasting. Brands carried such as Dye, Empire, Valken, Empire Battle Tested, HK Army.