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Western Town
Houston Paintball Park | Western Town Authentic 1890’s western town is an example of urban paintball Houston played indoor and outdoor in a speedball map setting. Western town is the...
Houston Paintball Park | Castle FOUR CASTLES OF 6000 sqft makes this map one of the largest at the paintball sports park. Entire castle system consist of various 3 stories...
Khe Sanh Hill
Houston Paintball Park | Khe Sanh Hill The battle of Khe Sanh was a major battle early in the Viatiem War. Khe Sanh Hill was an observation fire base with...
Houston Paintball Park | Normandy The year is 1944 and Normandy is the turning point of WWII. Storm the beaches through sand dunes, anti-tank barricades, and opponent territory; charge over...
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Survival Game of Texas, Inc. is one of the leading paintball parks in Houston since 1984. During that time we have earned our reputation as one of the premier paintball fields in the Houston area for over 30 years! Survival Games of Texas is one of the original paintball places and continues to expand its Houston paintball fields!

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