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Firebase Houston Paintball Park | Firebase

Immerse yourself in the intensity of the Vietnam War at Survival Game of Texas. Our Firebase map offers thrilling attack and defend scenarios, as well as pulse-pounding capture the flag games. Experience the adrenaline rush as you navigate this war-torn battleground. Book now and unleash your inner warrior at Houston's premier paintball destination.

Survival Game of Texas

Castle Houston Paintball Park | Castle

Prepare for an epic adventure at our Houston Paintball Park as you conquer our ultimate castle map. Spanning 6000 sq ft, it's one of the largest and most captivating in our park. Engage in thrilling attack and defend scenarios within the intricately designed, multi-story structures. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable paintball or airsoft experience like no other. Join us at Houston's premier paintball destination and unleash your inner warrior as you conquer the castles.

Group of military source in a forest

Khe Sanh Hill Houston Paintball Park | Khe Sanh Hill

Unleash the spirit of teamwork and conquer the thrilling Battle of Khe Sanh at our Houston Paintball Park. Navigate dense jungle terrain, overcome sandbag fortifications, and engage in exhilarating jungle warfare scenarios that require seamless teamwork. Experience the excitement of this iconic Vietnam War battleground alongside friends and fellow paintball enthusiasts. Book now for an unforgettable adventure that will test your skills, camaraderie, and teamwork at Houston's premier paintball destination.

Survival Game of Texas

Normandy Houston Paintball Park | Normandy

Relive the turning point of World War II in the thrilling Normandy paintball map. Storm the beaches, navigate dunes and anti-tank barricades, and infiltrate enemy territory. With a German WWII tank, a two-story French tower, and strategic beach hill mounts and Czech hedgehogs for cover, the excitement never ends. Join us now for an action-packed paintball adventure and rewrite history at our immersive Normandy battlefield.

Survival Game of Texas

Houston Paintball Park | Western Town

Experience the excitement of Houston's Wild West at our authentic 1890's Western Town. Play urban paintball in indoor and outdoor speedball settings. Battle through seven dynamic buildings, including a jail, lumber mill, barber shop, schoolhouse, bank, general store, and a two-story hotel saloon with swinging doors. Each building is designed with multiple rooms, porches, and exits, creating thrilling gameplay. Capture epic moments and witness live paintball action in this immersive Western town scenario. Book now for an unforgettable urban paintball adventure in Houston, TX.

Survival Game of Texas

Houston paintball park | vietnam village

Experience our oldest and most popular map, the Vietnam Village, in natural woodlands. Featuring Hanoi-style huts, bunkers, and dense bamboo patches, it's an immersive woodsball field for thrilling paintball and airsoft games. Defenders from the North hold the advantage with the creek-bed, while the extensive trails are perfect for capture the flag missions. Discover the authenticity of our Vietnam Huts and prepare for intense action. Book now and conquer the Vietnam Village at our paintball park.

Survival Game of Texas, Inc. has proudly held its position as one of Houston's leading paintball parks since 1984. With a legacy spanning decades, we have established ourselves as a premier destination for paintball enthusiasts. As one of the original paintball places, Survival Game of Texas has continually expanded its Houston paintball fields and introduced exciting Airsoft options. Join us to experience the thrill of our renowned paintball and Airsoft offerings and be a part of our rich history in Houston's adventure scene.