Houston Paintball Park | Castle

FOUR CASTLES OF 6000 sqft makes this map one of the largest at the paintball sports park. Entire castle system consist of various 3 stories wooden structures with soaring towers, connecting catwalk, spiral staircases and multiple corridors. Castle system consists of 4 castles. Castle number one is a wooden castle of 3000 sift on a concrete slab, three levels which includes winding stairs and connecting catwalks to castle number two. Castle number two also a wooden castle and concrete foundation, dual level and various entry ways make this wing of the castle most challenging to defend. However, castle number two has an extensive catwalk to defend off paintball opponents which will be consistently attacking from the north end of the paintball castle map. Castle number three is smaller in size yet towers over the entire castle system making it an ideal vantage point for those paintball snipers to view the entire paintball field. Just behind castle number three lies castle number four, an elongated, multi-level castle with three entry ways and multi-leveled. Located through the castle system there are numerous barricades to assist paintball players in their attack.

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Paintball Park Reservations

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