The HK Army Speed Paintball Hopper represents the forefront of paintball technology. As the name suggests, this speed loader lives up to its reputation by efficiently and consistently feeding paintballs to your marker, enabling you to maximize high rates of fire. What sets it apart is its remarkable lightweight design, weighing in at less than 1 pound even without batteries.

The hopper’s shell is crafted from a flexible and durable material, ensuring resistance to cracking and shattering upon impact. Additionally, it incorporates user-friendly features like a tool-free battery door and front nose cone, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. This hopper is a game-changer in the world of paintball.


  • Air-assisted loader system delivers paint to your marker at speeds of up to 15bps.
  • Operates without the need for batteries, ensuring continuous play.
  • Synchronized ball feed achieved through the connection of the feeder sprocket to the air system.
  • Includes a low-profile 200-round hopper for convenient ammunition storage.
  • Easily attaches to your marker using the standard quick-release elbow mechanism.