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Introducing the innovative Blade Barrel Swab, a cutting-edge cleaning tool boasting a proprietary design that incorporates a spring-activated cleaning Blade. This ingenious swab ensures a seamless experience during use. Upon insertion into the barrel, the Blade gracefully rests in a position that facilitates easy entry. However, as you withdraw the swab, the Blade springs into action, swiftly eliminating any lingering paint residue, shell fragments, or debris.

What sets this swab apart is its Center Flex Joint, featuring secure locking screws that activate the swab into a ready position when it’s removed from your pocket. With the added assurance of the two locking center screws, you can trust that the swab sticks will remain securely connected and won’t disassemble inside your barrel.


  • Patented spring-activated cleaning blade for effective removal of paint residue and shell fragments when withdrawn from the barrel.
  • Dual-sided absorbent fuzzy material that both cleans and polishes as it is inserted and pulled through the barrel.
  • Robust secure center joint with a guaranteed no-disassembly feature, ensuring it stays intact in your barrel while cleaning.

Custom Colors:

  • Comes in 10 different colors