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Maintaining the cleanliness of your paintball pods, preventing them from accumulating dirt, debris, or broken paint, has consistently posed a considerable challenge. The HK Army Mist Pod Swab offers an innovative solution, complete with an integrated misting spray cap. This remarkable tool facilitates the effortless cleansing of the interior of your pods.

To utilize this product effectively, simply insert the pod cleaner into the pod and rotate it. This straightforward action serves to rid the pod of any unwelcome dirt or remnants of paint that might have infiltrated it during play.

The inclusion of the misting spray cap is a standout feature of this versatile tool. Not only does it excel at keeping your paintball mask pristine, but it also provides a refreshing mist for personal cooling between matches. The convenience of the built-in spray bottle is a feature that you’ll quickly find indispensable, enhancing your overall paintball experience.


  • Removable Microfiber Swab
  • Built-In Mist/Spraying Cap with Water Handle Reservoir
  • Durable Construction
  • HK Army Carabiner Hanging Clip

Custom Colors:

  • Red
  • Blue